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grain dryer
    grain dryer

product introduction:

  grain dryer performance characteristics:

  the pro food dryer has a simple structure, small size, easy operation, no auxiliary equipment, easy to transport and move

  the grain dryer adopts hot air as the drying medium and adopts the drying process of enveloping the ring. the grain is heated and the precipitation is even, full and the quality is good.

  the grain dryer is equipped with automatic on-line temperature measurement, sweet and wet device, and the degree of automation greatly improves the drying uniformity.

  the grain dryer uses fuel, rice straw or straw as the fuel. it is converted into clean hot air through combustion and heat exchange. it does not pollute the dried grain.

  the grain dryer is easy to clean and does not mix, especially suitable for dry cereal seeds

  food yao yuji has a small investment, low operating costs, automatic control of the work process, automatic shutdown, simple and labor-saving operation, and meets the needs of small and medium-sized farms and farmers.

1. hot-dip galvanized coils and flat plates can be used, and galvanized sheets can also be electroplated. the materials are more convenient:

2. all parts are standard components, which are replaceable. in case of damage or rust, users can easily replace damaged parts and extend their service life.

3. it can be renovated and demolished, especially suitable for users of the leased site;

4. the external pillar can be realized, which is more beneficial to the food flow in the warehouse;

5. the air tightness is poor, but it can reach the requirements of air tightness after the use of silicone sealant;

6. the double-layer insulation structure can be conveniently realized, with little increase in cost. 

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